ITU: Singapore Mobile Net is the World’s Cheapest

Singapore offers the world’s lowest rates for making mobile phone calls and surfing the Web, according to a new study by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).  Released Monday, the report highlighted an index that compared ICT (information and communication technology) developments in 154 countries over a five-year period ending 2007 and based on the relative price of such services Singapore ranks number one. Even though the Southeast Asian city comes in first, Scandinavian puts up a good fight. Denmark (4), Sweden (8), Norway (9) and Finland (10) has all made to the top ten of the cheapest mobile-contries in the world.   
The scores is based on the average income in the countries, where those with a higher national income average paid relatively less for ICT services and shows that ICT services were largely affordable for the majority of people in these countries, according to the ITU.