Swede Designs Malaysian Eco-bags

As environmental awareness grows, reusable bags are finding their way into more and more shopping carts these days, and Malaysia is no exception. The Swedish graphic designer Nille Svensson is among the designers behind the new brand of shopping bags.

The unbleached 100% natural cotton eco-friendly bags are the brainchild of the Malaysian design-brand KL Design Week (KLDW) president Izuldin Hani Mohd Noor and his team who wanted to have a green agenda as part of KLDW which runs the rest of the week with conferences, forums, classes, exhibitions and even a design bazaar and street party.

“We wanted to do our part for the environment. Maybe it’s jumping on the eco bandwagon but we all need to be part of it if we want things to improve. So we decided that the way to combine the two was to get design talents from all over the world to contribute their take on what needs to be done for the environment, and transfer the designs onto reusable bags. It’s for the public to ‘consume’ the messages which are also a way to urge them to say ‘No’ to plastic bags,” says Izuldin.


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