535 Danes received a gift card for a leg for Christmas

A gift card for a leg sold for 250 Danish kroner is the latest initiative from DanChurchAid. The 535 Danes who has received the card as a Christmas present has each sponsored one tenth of a leg for victims of landmines in Myanmar.

“A prosthetic leg is usually very expensive, but we managed to get them made so cheap that 10 donations can cover expenses for one leg. It maybe doesn’t sound like much, that 53 Burmese have been helped to a new legs this year but for those 53 it makes a big difference,” states Kim Skytte Graae, campaign manager for Give a Goat at DanChurchAid.

Rock festival gives 1458 rabbits to Myanmar
Another of DanChurchAid’s popular gift cards were for Myanmar as well. The “Give a rabbit card” jumped the list of most popular “Give a …cards” with 1,200 cards sold equal to 2,400 rabbits (each card representing one male and one female rabbit). The record sale was help by the Danish rock festival “Roskildefestival” which bought 728 cards as presents for their volunteers..

The President of the Roskilde Festival’s Board, Steen Jorgensen, visited the Burmese village Myanng Yoe Gui in November 2012. Here he experienced the impact a small gift as two rabbits can have.

“We saw how money from rabbit breeding was used in the community, making it possible for the village’s women to help each other to set up small businesses and support each other financially with expenses to education and health. We saw how a small gift as a few rabbits could trigger the development of a democratic community,” said Steen Jorgensen in his Christmas message to the volunteers.

“You should know that it is not just two minor fur-creatures that you send to the Far East. It is self-help, and you directly support efforts that change the lives of others.” Steen Jorgensen said in his greeting.

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