Danish Burma-filmmaker rewarded

Danish documentary film maker Tom Heinemann is awarded the price of 13.500 € for his many critical journalism on developing countries. The Jury’s justification for the choice of Tom Heinemann as a recipient of the Timbuktu Fund price for critically journalism on developing countries. Tom Heinemann has for many years worked with radio and television documentaries as his primary journalistic platform, but in a form and with a content which has enabled him to dominate the developing country information and journalism for many media platforms, primarily in Denmark but also in several other countries.
The programs which are an extension of an even more extensive production of radio documentaries, including Tom Heinemann’s “Tøjslaverne from Burma” (“The Real Slaves of Fashion from Burma) from 2003 is the best known. The 3 TV documentaries: “A Killer Bargain”, “A Tower of Promises” and “The Bitter Taste of Tea” have all documented the exploitation of people and unpleasant contexts in economics, production and consumption between rich and poor countries, and they have done so in a way that has caused debate and media interest beyond the particular developing country interested audience
These programs have had an impact, which often made their content to news materials in both print and electronic media. His features are well-researched, information-saturated and critical radio and television documentaries focusing on issues that show the close interaction between our world, trade and consumption and the production and working conditions conducive to human conditions in some developing countries.
Tom Heinemann was in competition with a total of 13 nominees.


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