Ambassador praises Sweden’s historic links with Vietnam

The Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam, Rolf Bergman, praises the historical ties between Sweden and Vietnam in a recent interview with Viet Nam News on the occasion of Sweden’s National Day today.
“Since 1969, Viet Nam has seen unprecedented rapid development and growth and is now very close to reaching middle-income status. Sweden is proud to say that we have tried to actively contribute to this development” he says, adding that:
“Over the past 40 years, thousands of Swedes have come to visit and work in Vietnam, and many Vietnamese have come to my home country to live and work. We have now developed a close and longstanding friendship. Even if our two countries are far in distance, we are close at heart”.
According to the ambassador the the close intercontinental relationship can be dated five decades back.
“The first important step was taken on January 11, 1969, when Sweden and Viet Nam decided to establish diplomatic relations. Sweden was the first Western European country to establish relations with Viet Nam, which at that time was a war-stricken country struggling for independence. By establishing diplomatic relations, Sweden wanted to express its support for this struggle”.

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