New Priest Came Straight from the Airport

Jan Tommy Fosse – the new Norwegian Priest in Singapore, his wife Inger and their children Mathias, Daniel and Rebekka landed in Changi Airport in Singapore yesterday afternoon – and without even going home first to unpack they took a taxi straight from the airport to the Norwegian Church where they arrived just in time for the Sunday Service and Grill Dinner.
Around 50 members of the Norwegian community – including many new exchange students with the universities in Singapore – enjoyed the weekly get-together and welcome of the new priest and his family in the setting sun on the cool terrace of the Church facing the busy Singapore harbour.
The Service and Grill Dinner was also a good bye to Espen Ingebrigtsen, who had been stand-in priest over the summer, and assistant Oddvar Handeland who were saying thank you to all for a good time.
Jan Tommy Fosse’s first Service as the priest, will be on next Sunday, 9 August 2009.

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