No Scandinavians Injured in Samui Crash

A Bangkok Airways flight with 68 passengers and 4 crew members travelling from Krabi to Koh Samui Airport skidded on Tuesday off the runway and crashed at landing. The plane experienced severe weather during landing.
The pilot of the aircraft was killed and 6 passengers were injured as the plane crashed into an old control tower. The injured passengers were taken to Bangkok Samui Hospital, Thai International Hospital and Bandon Hospital in Koh Samui. Bangkok Samui Hospital is reporting 4 injured passengers, two British men, one Italian woman and one Swiss woman. According to a spokesperson from Bangkok Samui Hospital the injuries are not severe. All 4 injured passengers have broken their legs. Thai International Hospital reported treating only British passengers. Two Dutch citizens are treated at Bandon Hospital.  
At least two Danish passengers were on board the plane when it crashed reports the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Inge Durant from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs tells Danish TV2 that the Danish passengers are in good health in spite of the circumstances and that their relatives have been informed. The Danish Embassy in Thailand is investigating whether more Danish passengers were on board the plane when it crashed.
Earlier reports of ten casualties were unfounded as well as the information that two Swedish passengers were on board the plane. Bangkok Airways has no record of any Swedish passengers on the plane.

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