200 Swedish Buses to Singapore

Singapore bus company SBS Transit has put a new large order in 200 Swedish buses. Since 2007, the Singaporean customer has now bought nothing less than 1100 Swedish buses.

Bus company Scania’s share of the order corresponding to 340 million kroner, Volvo’s part amounts to 410 million kroner. Scania has received an order for 200 Euro V buses worth 72 million Singapore dollars, or about 340 million Swedish kroner, from SBS Transit in Singapore. The buses will be in use next year.
“SBS Transit is one of our most important customers in terms of city buses. Including this order, we have delivered 1100 buses to this customer since 2007,” Scania’s public relations officer Hans-Åke Danielsson says to the news agency Direkt.

He emphasizes that the value of the orders for the 200 buses are not to be assigned Scania alone.
“The value of the order should not be divided by the number of buses. The fact is that we deliver the undercarriage, engine and driveline, while the other delivers the body,” notes Hans-Åke Danielsson.
Some of the bodies for the buses are coming from Volvo, which won an order for 150 Euro V double-deck buses worth 87 Singapore million dollars, or about 410 million Swedish kroner, from SBS Transit in Singapore.

Per-Martin Johansson, press officer at Volvo Buses confirms the order to the news agency Direkt.
“We affirm the order. We tend not to disclose the order value, but if SBS Transit, enter a value, you can use it,” he says, and adds that SBS Transit is an existing customer of Volvo Buses.

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