Angry Vietnamese Berry-pickers in Sweden Quit

It looks like a labor dispute between Vietnamese berry-pickers, in the Swedish town Branäs, is moving to an end. On Thursday, it became clear that nine of the berry-pickers are likely to break their contract and return to Vietnam.

The conflict between the Vietnamese berry-pickers in Branäs has now lasted several days and on Wednesday police had to move in after a fight occurred between a group of Vietnamese who wanted to break their contracts and a group who wanted to stay. Those who wanted to go didn’t think there was enough berries to pick. And today, it became clear that nine Vietnamese probably will be breaking their contracts.
Food and accommodation costs are deducted from the money the Vietnamese earned when they plucked berries in Sweden. This means that those who choose to go back to Vietnam won’t be able to bring any money home. Most of the Vietnamese, about 120 people, have chosen to continue their work in Sweden.
Thursday Peter Fuster, who hired the workers through an employment agency, said that those who wanted to break their contract and go home to Vietnam were allowed to do so. Those who chose to go home would be paid for their work, but would not get back the money they paid for accommodation and food during their stay in Sweden.

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