Danes Prefer Thailand

A list of the most popular searches within the last 30 days on the website Viviro.com – the intelligent search engine for cheap flights online – shows that when Danes go online for cheap flights, Thailand is on the top of their wish list.
Thailand’s capital Bangkok takes first place while the holiday island of Phuket is number six on the list.
– First of all we know that we are slowly moving towards darker times here in Denmark. And if we want to enjoy a little sun during the winter, Thailand is an obvious travel destination. Opposite to Denmark the weather in Thailand is best in December, January and February. Secondly the airlines are throwing a lot of cheap airline tickets to Asia on the market at the moment and those things are the decisive factors, says Kenneth Karskov from Viviro.com
The list of popular destination points also gives the indication that more and more Danes are familiar with arranging their trip themselves.
– Bangkok is only the starting point for a trip to Thailand. Very few decide to stay in the noisy capital for 14 days. Most want to go to the islands or to the jungle, but they prefer to buy a ticket to Bangkok and then take it from there,” says Kenneth Karskov.

A list of the Danes’ favourite travel destinations:
1. Bangkok
2. New York
3. Malaga
4. Barcelona
5. London
6. Phuket
7. Palma de Mallorca
8. Miami
9. Antalya
10. Rom

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