First Day at School in Singapore

A whooping 125 Danish students in Singapore had Thursday their first day of school. The brand new Danish Supplementary School in Singapore thus exceeded its own wildest expectations.

“We thought that if we’d get 40 requests, it would be cool,” says Henriette Donstrup. She is both a teacher and leader of the school.

“We began to make a draft and look for ways to get books and a general view at the economics of the project. We announced the school via the Danish embassy, but it went beyond all expectations, and today we can keep the first day of school with 125 Danish students.”


Supporting parents

Henriette Donstrup explains that support from the children’s parents has been very important to get the project up and running.

“The parents have been absolutely fantastic to welcome the new school. Last week we held a parent meeting and more than 100 parents showed up,” she says.

We aim at a great collaboration with the parents, and we have 19 parents who help with teaching.

There are nine teachers in the Danish school: Two educators for the smallest classes, five teachers, and two teaching assistants.


The school is located at the Overseas Family School where 90 percent of the children are already students.

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