Scandinavians Unharmed after Earthquakes

For the second day in a row the Indonesian island of Sumatra has been hit by a violent earthquake. According to Reuters the latest earthquake, which hit yesterday, measured 6.6 on the Richter scale. The Scandinavian embassies in Jakarta are reporting that no Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Finnish citizens have been injured in the recent earthquakes on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

The Swedish Embassy in Jakarta informs that one woman was in West Sumatra’s largest city Padang, when the first earthquake hit. She is now on her way out of the city, where she has been working as a volunteer at a hospital.
According to the Danish Embassy in Jakarta there are no Danish people on Sumatra at the moment. But they can never be a hundred percent sure that backpackers are not in the area, says Anne Marie Christensen from the embassy’s administration and consular services.   
The Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish people live quite far from the epicentres of the two quakes. Right now there are 19 Finnish people on Sumatra. All of the Scandinavians on Sumatra felt the violent earthquakes but haven’t been hurt.

The epicentre of the latest earthquake was on land and struck the province of Jambi in central Sumatra. The epicenter of the first earthquake was 45 kilometres west-northwest of Padang.

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