The Singaporean Prime Minister Earns 12 Times More Than the Danish and Swedish

There are huge differences between in the salaries of the Prime Ministers in among others Denmark, Sweden and Singapore. According to the column the Singaporean PM, Lee Hsian Loong, earns $ 2,856,930 a year and the Danish PM, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, only $ 210,036 a year.

And finally the Swedish PM, Fredrik Reinfeldt earns $ 236,000 a year.

The columnist also compare other factors like corruption, democracy and life quality and all these numbers those not favor Singapore as Sweden and Denmark turns out better in all these rankings.

Wakka Kong and Simeon Ang ends up with this conclusion:
“One can therefore safely conclude at this juncture, that an effective and efficient government does not require astronomical salaries to counter corruption and/or attract and retain talents who can be sound policy makers.”

The column was published in the The Temasek Review Wedensday the 3rd February. The Temasek Review is a Internet newspaper and claims to be  The Voice of Singapore from Singaporeans for Singaporeans.

Read the full column at this link:

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