Denmark and China Cooperate in Solar Cell Project

Nano research in Danish laboratories in close cooperation with Chinese scientists is to pave the way for mass production of cheap solar cells made of plastic, reports the Danish internet news site Jern og Maskin Industrien.

Danish National Research Foundation has decided to donate 15 million Danish kroner to a project that connects Risø DTU’s expertise on solar cells with Aalborg University with good contacts to Chinese scientists.

The project will be headed by Professor Frederick Krebs from Risø National Laboratory’s Solar Energy Program, and he has great expectations:
“Nanotechnology can make solar cells better, but if we can not make them in thousands, it has no practical importance for humanity. It is okay if you are able to make an extreme good solar cell at the size of a pinhead, which sets a world record. But with this cooperation we will use nano structures to make better solar cells on a scale that can be measured in football fields rather than pinheads,” promises Frederik Krebs.

The professor from Risø sees the combination of Risø’s scientific weight and Aalborg University’s good Chinese contacts as a perfect set-up, which can help to deliver results within a short time.


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