Smart Car Safety Technologies

How safe would you say your current car is? Can you think of anything that would make it more secure? Are you aware of the “smart car” concept? It's a car that resembles a cube on wheels, but its front edge is trimmed down. Nevertheless, this feature is also the one that enables the car to be extremely stable on the road. Such a car only weighs 1500 pounds, being one of the lightest vehicles with four wheels on the road. While these small and light-weighted cars are usually considered to be unsafe and prone to more collisions, the Smart Car has a Tridion steel safety shell. Plus, thanks to the small dimensions crumple area that can absorb energy and that is located in the frontal part of the car, collisions are not going to be that big of an issue. The special shell works very well in crash tests; but if you are not ready for the smart car at the moment, you can still better secure your car.

Uneasy Car Theft Reports

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2014 alone there were over 358,000 cases of car thefts of vehicles or from vehicles recorded. And there were also more than 30,000 cases of investigated motor vehicle thefts. Ingenuity is one of the defining characteristics of car thieves who are constantly finding new ways of breaking into cars and stealing. And the pinch and park strategy is just one of the most recent of them. In other words, car thieves are here to stay and what we can do is think of ways of being more clever than they are. The fact that your vehicle currently has an alarm on and an immobilizer does not mean as much as you think it means in the eyes of a thief.

Do Not Hesitate To Double Check

We are talking about anything security-related tied to your car; the simplest thing? The lock mechanism. The central locking activates when it makes that specific clicking or clunking sound, so you are advised to stay near the car and carefully listen to this sound while hitting the lock remote button. There are also cars that will allow you to also use a specific visual signal such as a flashing indicator that will let you know you have successfully locked the car. Do not hesitate to double check the clicking sound and flashing lights; if you do not notice them, it probably means the fob is malfunctioning. In other words, get in touch with a car locksmith because the locking isn't activating the right way when given the remote control command.

Contact A Car Locksmith Right Away

Your car will remain unlocked and hence extremely vulnerable when reaching the hands of burglars. Should you have an alarm installed on the car, there is a big chance it it not going off wither in case th fob is broken. This is why it is imperative you get in touch with a local locksmith who handles automotive services as well and have him come over immediately. Of you are clueless as to which locksmith to call, take a look at this company and check their flat rates on their car services. They install and repair locks, duplicate keys including transponder reprogramming and they fix jammed ignitions. They can help you set up a top-notch car safety system to further protect the car.

Remember to park in the right place -avoid dodgy-looking areas but do not undermine well rated parts of the town either.


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