Star Tours in Phuket Cancels Trips to Bangkok

Fear of unrest during the polical demonstations in Bangkok has made the Danish Star Tours in Phuket cancel the usual two days trips to Bangkok for their guests.

“We follow the developments all the time, and we are in contacts with our guest trough SMS. We have told them they have to follow the advice of the Danish Foreign Ministry”, says Stig Elling, sales director at Star Tour in Denmark, to the Danish tabloid BT.

The Danish Ambassador to Thailand Michael Sternberg has adviced people to avoid to go to Bangkok, and if they do then stay as far away from demonstrations as possible.

The majority of Danish tourists traveling with Star Tours take the opportunity to see the truly amazing Bangkok, but those trips are canseled now, according to Star Tours.

“ We have a great many people on Phuket and the islands in the area, who had planned for the two-day tours to Bangkok, but the excursions are cancelled now.We believe thats the right thing to do,” says Stig Elling.

“The guests arriving from Denmark will instead immediately be forwarded to the seaside resort of Hua Hin or other destinations.

Hopefully they can then experience the Thai capital of peace and tranquility on their way home if protests are resolved by then”, says Stig Elling.

According to sales Danish director the high season in Thailand goes rigth up to Easter.

Star Tour currently has around 1000 Danish guests at Phuket. 65 guests located in Bangkok.

The travel agency Spies also has some of their customers located in Bangkok.

“We encourage our customers to stay away from demonstrations”, says Spies Director Jan Vendelboe.

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