Speechless: New Danish Café in Bangkok

Saturday Denmark came to Bangkok. When the new Cafe Europe at Sukhumvit Soi 20 held Grand Opening. The hostess had lost her voice, but the Danish specialities, soft jazz music and cold beers was more than enough to make it “Hyggeligt” aka a good time for everyone.

Before Anita Lauritsen worked in her husband Kenn Lauritsen’s company selling plumbing and heating products. But all the computer work became a bit too boring for Anita, and then suddenly there was the opportunity for her to start her own Café.

“I always wished to start my own and here was the chance, and I took it,” whispers Anita, who had lost her voice temporarily due to a too cold air-conditioner.

Cold beer, drinks, water and samples of Danish and Thai foods were all free this Saturday afternoon at the Cafe Europe. It was a clear success, The best-sellers included samples of Danish open sandwich with meatballs and others with liver pâté and bacon.
In Denmark know as smørrebrød med frikadeller and leverpostej og bacon. But the tasty spring rolls were also quite popular.

Anita and Kenn Lauritsen and their eight-year old daughter Cassandra has lived in Bangkok for almost three years.
This is also easily recognized this day were the Danish greeting “Go’dav” is heard more than “Hello” or “Sawasdeekaap”. The guests this day is friends of Anita and Kenn and and most of them resident Danes in Bangkok, and almost everyone is on first name with everyone.

When the talk of this, that and the other is going on at Café Europe, Mark Hodgkings are playing his saxophone at soft and pleasant tones.
Meanwhile Anita and the Thai waitresses serves more cold drinks and snacks to the guests.

Come and visit Anita and her Café, it is further down Sukhumvit Soi 20 than you have ever been, but then you will also meet a bit of Denmark, that you did not believe was in Bangkok.

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