Scandinavian JazzKamikaze to Play in Thailand

The music which combines a force of rock with jazz is going to be played at three different venues in Thailand in the coming days.

Listen to some of their music on myspace

The Plan for JazzKamikaze’s visit to Thailand is:
Thailand MTV Show Tuesday March 16 at 20:00
– Thailand Mingles @  Amari Atrium Friday 19 March at 20:00
– Half Moon Festival, Koh Samui Monday 22 March at 23:00

“The quality of the tunes, all of which have a memorable hook, is as impressive as the virtuoso musicianship. The songs have a very natural ebb and flow of intensity. This band is as brilliant when cruising as when thundering at full throttle.” – Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

“ It is simply beyond the limits of physical laws and totally incomprehensible that the five traditional instruments of the jazz genre can be operated with such eminent skill, especially in these days of electronic devices that normally produce the incredibly tempi.” – Helle Juhl Lassen, Spot Festival 2007, Gaffa

“Not only is the energy output of the band’s interplay at time staggering, but so is the performance of each individual member. They are extremely talented and imaginative soloists already possessing an immaculate technique.” – Frank Bűchman-Møller, Fyns Stiftstidende

JazzKamikaze was formed by five Scandinavian musicians with an aim to revolt the music of today. Their music combines a force of rock with intricate jazz progression. Their performances have been internationally recognized since the first debut “Mission I”.
Since the arrival of the band back in 2005, they have established themselves in record-breaking-time as a fiercely and powerful act to be reckoned with. As early as 2005, they won “Young Jazz” and “Young Nordic Jazz Comets”, two prestigious talent competition in Northern Europe.
This marked the take off of one the most international touring acts in Denmark in recent years with tour activity on 4-5 continents a year.

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