Swedish Iron Road Mobile Technology Signs Agreement with Indonesia Muhammadiyah Center

The Muhammadiyah Center has signed an agreement with Swedish Iron Road in order to use VMS to send videos out to their members. The videos  will be sent out 2-3 times a week and will be offered to as well members as other interested.
Muhammadiyah Center is the second largest Muslim organization in Indonesia with more than 29 million members.

The movement’s leader, Din Syamsuddin, is also one of the persons who will make the videos, he says:
“Indonesia is a large country with many inhabitants and VMS is an excellent tool to bring Muhamadiyah Center’s message about tolerance and harmony between different religions out in this country.”

Videos are the best way to reach out to all the members, and it gives a certain visual and personal effect to see the person who is communicating the message.
The recordings has already begun, and the launch will take place sometime in April.

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