Go-Kart for Everyone in Bangkok

Wednesday night the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Thailand held their annual Go-Kart tournament at the Easykart course at RCA in Bangkok.

The Finnish Community Bangkok was well represented at the big race day together with a group of from the Old German Beerhouse. Both adults and children, trained and first timers enjoyed a night of racing.

At the big race night there was free floating Warsteiner Beer and food to all sponsored by the Old German Beerhouse.

Age did not stop anyone
The youngest driver this night was 7 year-old Cassiopea Bradley “Cassi” from Thailand, and the oldest was 62 year old Pertti Jaruela from Finland.

It was the first time Cassi tried driving anything but she was not scared, Go-Karting to her was only: “Fun!” as she said with a big smile.

Pertti Jaruela have lived in Thailand for three years and this was his second time driving Go-Kart, and he was glad he had got the invitation to join the event:

“To me it is not serious, it is just very nice,” he said.


To all the bit more serious race boys – take look at the nights’ results


Race results
Children 100/160 cc Go-Karts 12 Laps

100 cc     1/     Pascal       2/   Lala            3/  Cassi

160 cc     1/     King          2/   Jah             3/  Trin


Ladies 160 cc Go-Karts 12 Laps

160 cc     1/    Dia             2/  Vital            3/ Mauno


Big Boys 270 cc Go-Karts 30 minutes Endurance
8 teams compete, 10 minutes per driver, 3 drivers per team.


Winner 270 cc Team KP (Byron, Francoise, Michel)
Second 270 cc Team Swiss (Roland, Thomas, Roger)
Third    270 cc Team DSV (Jukka, Jim, Joe)


Fastest lap of the race: Thomas from Team Swiss 29.930 sec.

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