Elderly Finnish Woman Found Dead In Jomtien Condo

A Finnish woman who had apparently lain dead on the floor of her room at a a Jomtien condominium, without being discovered for two days, led to a police investigation, but no untoward evidence was found, indicating an initial assumption of natural causes, unless proven otherwise.

Notification that a foreign woman had died in a room at Viewtalay Condominium2, Jomtein, led Police Lieutenant Colonel Natthawanphu Sirthongphet (Dongtan Police Investigator) to dispatch his team, supported by paramedics from Sawangboriboon Foundation, to investigate the report.

On arrival at the 12th floor of the 20-storey condominium, policeofficers found a naked Mrs. Lilja Sisko Maenpaa [75] a Finnish national, lying dead on her side, on the floor next to the bed. There was no sign of assault, and no wounds on her body, but she had a bloody nose and mouth. It was believed that she had been dead for 2 days. In addition, beside the deceased, lay an imported whisky bottle stained with blood, which was kept as for evidence. There was no sign of a property search in the room. 

Mr. Kittichai Wilailak [28] a security guard stated under interrogation that Finnish friends of the deceased woman had asked him to inspect the scene after they discovered a foul smell emanating from Mrs. Maenpaa’s room. Subsequently Mr. Wilailak, along with Mrs. Maenpaa’s friends, went to the room only to find Mrs. Maenpaa dead.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Sirthongphet revealed that after a brief investigation, police did not actually find the cause of death, and duly sent the deceased’s body for autopsy at a forensic institution. Mrs. Maenpaa came to Thailand for 3 months ago and was a regular whisky drinker. The Finnish Embassy has been informed of her death.


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