Pattaya Bar Girl Woes Cause Swede’s Attempted Suicide

At approximately 4:00pm on Saturday, police Captain Kriengkrai Buakla (Pattaya Police Investigator) was called to a room at the Sanya Apartments in Soi Bua Khow, South Pattaya. The report was placed by building management after they had found a Swedish man in a severely injured and distressed state. A team of police and Sawang Boriboon rescue officers were sent to the scene to investigate the situation further.

At the scene, room 11 on the third floor, police discovered Mr. Göran Andersson [42]) a Swedish national, standing in his room covered in blood. He was in an obviously distressed condition and was still holding the remains of a broken whiskey bottle to his neck which he had already cut severely. Finally, after 20 minutes of negotiation, Göran Andersson calmed down and accepted medical attention; he was rushed to the Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital immediately by rescue personnel.

The apartment block owner, Mr. Yuttana [alias] explained to police that, Göran Andersson had arrived in Pattaya on the 5th of March and had been a polite and respectful guest. Drinking more frequently of late, Mr. Yuttana explained that he observed the Swede to have been in a depressed state, possibly as a result of breaking up with his regular bar girl companion, who had also allegedly procured him Ya-Ba tablets. Mr. Yuttana further explained that he had been alerted to Mr. Andersson’s room following a loud bang and the sound of a bottle being smashed. Discovering Mr. Miggale in a bloody state in his room he informed police immediately.

At present, police insist that they will follow up with the case as soon as Mr. Andersson is released from hospital.

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