Henrik Romhild’s First Exhibition

Henrik Romhild is the 17 year old son of the Artist Elizabeth Romhild and Peter Romhild, President of the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce. Now it is said.
But throughout the month of April Henrik Romhild is on his own with his very first Photography exhibition at the Parichart Court, Four Seasons Hotel on 155 Rajadamri Road in Bangkok.
The exhibition “OUT HERE” will definitely be worth a visit. Here is what the invitation to the opening states:

Henrik Romhild is a young Bangkok-born photographer of Danish parentage. This is his first solo exhibition in Bangkok and showcases a major emergent talent.

Henrik’s international upbringing has afforded him the opportunity to engage with rural landscapes throughout the world. He often includes shots of the creatures that occupy these foreign lands and his images are lush, lovingly shot, and generally shift between panoramic views and a strenuous attention to surface detail.

“Out Here”displays a sometimes melancholic, occasionally scientific, and resolutely unsentimental vision of the contemporary natural world. However, a sense of foreboding underlines “Out Here”; we see a monkey with enlarged, fear-ridden eyes, a close-up of a dead tiger, and a pervasive view of the fleeting, temporal, nature of natural environments.

This exhibition addresses Henrik’s concerns with the dangers that currently face the natural world; global warming, urbanization, and the ruthless exploitation of nature’s resources. The title refers to the fact that however distant and foreign the landscapes depicted might seem, they are not; or should not seem so.


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