Denmark Reopens Airspace

Denmark will temporarily reopen most of its airspace and airports, including Scandinavia’s largest airport in Copenhagen, authorities said. And SAS start flying to Thailand again, reports MSN News.
“Most of Danish airspace will be open temporarily because we have observed the cloud of volcanic ash is moving out of Denmark,” Camilla Hegnsborg of Danish air traffic authority Naviair told AFP Tuesday.
“We can therefore temporarily re-allow flights from 2:00 am to 8:00 am Wednesday (0000 GMT to 0600 GMT),” she added.

The Copenhagen airport will be opened, as will airports in the cities of Billund, Karup, Roskilde, Aarhus and Bornholm, Naviair said.
Denmark shut its airspace at 1600 GMT Thursday and has since repeatedly pushed back the deadline for opening airports, although it has since 0600 GMT Tuesday allowed overflights of Danish airspace over about six kilometres (20,000 feet).
Scandinavian airline SAS’s spokesman in Denmark, Mikkel Thrane, said seven SAS flights would take off at Copenhagen’s airport when it opened, one to Thailand and six towards southern European destinations.

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