Danish Pavilion Finally Open to The Joy of The Visitors

The Danish Pavilion at the World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai is finally open and visitors can now experience the best of Danish city life. 

People were crowding outside the Danish Pavilion long before the gates opened to the public on Saturday morning. At 9.30 the Danish Pavilion guides finally started letting exited visitors inside the double spiral shaped pavilion, which features some of the best elements of Danish city life such as a large harbor pool with clean water, a relaxed outdoor picnic area, biking lanes and a playground.

Some of the visitors were instructed in how to use the popular 250 Danish city bikes, while others chose to walk around the pavilion to enjoy the exhibition, which has been created by some of the finest young artists in Denmark. Among the first visitors to enter were Cao Long Hai, 83, and his wife Xi Gui Zhen, 81. The retired couple from Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, had read about the Danish Pavilion in their local newspaper and decided that a visit was an absolute must. Cao Long Hai said that the Little Mermaid was the main attraction of the Danish Pavilion. When the couple left the pavilion after a 20 minutes tour, Cao Long Hai was very pleased:

“I took pictures of us in front of the Little Mermaid and it almost felt like we went to Denmark ourselves”, he said before rushing off to visit some of the other EXPO pavilions.


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