Viking Wheelers Took Off Their Red Shirt

The red shirts were packed away when the Viking Wheelers went on their 1 May trip around the Bang Phra Reservoir on Saturday. The traditional red uniform of the Viking Wheelers was avoided to prevent any misunderstandings and multi-coloured street fighting on this half-day ride in some nice terrain around the reservoir, arranged by Finn Sørensen.
Following Vikings participated in the Bang Phra Tour: Finn Soerensen, Bent Laasholdt, Soeren Nielsen, Willy Beider-Nielsen, Matthew and Sak Pearson, Claus Birk.
The refreshing trip started at half past eight to nine on Saturday when the small group of bikers met at Jaan Paa Seafood Restaurant to prepare for the day. The Jaan Paa Seafood Restaurant nicely located with an excellent view over the beach in Bang Phra. The restaurant serves some very nice Thai food and is worthwhile the trip to Bang Phra in itself … The half day trip had two options, the standard loop and a short loop name “the President’s Loop”.
Following Vikings: Finn Soerensen, Soeren Nielsen, Willy Beider-Nielsen, Claus Birk, Matthew and his son Sak Pearson, did the The standard loop of approximately 53 kilometer around the reservoir, through nearby villages and passing golf courses. It’s some very nice terrain with beautiful scenery and only few hills. Matthew’s son, Sak Pearson, furthermore did his record distance on that trip.
Bent Laasholdt was the only Viking who volunteered to check out the shorter loop or “The President’s Loop” since the “President” himself was in Denmark. The shorter loop which though turned out to be 36 kilometers – goes around the on a rather flat asphalt ring road without much traffic and returned home trough Bang Phra beach road.
The trip ended back at Jaan Paa Seafood Restaurant for a refreshing shower before all the Vikings + Willy’s wife Yupa enjoyed a deserved and fantastic lunch.

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