Soon Vietnamese Farmers Jump in to E-commerce

How to penetrate new markets is one of biggest challenges of Vietnamese exporters. Besides, the farmers face more severe problem due to the lack of information, technology and know-how for promotion of agricultural products.

An e-portal is a necessary tool to serve as a bridge for farmers and exporters to share information and promote their products to both national and worldwide markets. Hence, the Embassy of Denmark has granted DKK 1,100,000 from the IPD (Innovative Programme for Development) to a partnership between Vietnam Trade Promotion for Agriculture (AgriTrade), a local IT company SmartOSC and AI Design Denmark.

The partnership idea is highly innovative and no exact precedence has been found in Vietnam. It will involve relevant stakeholders including AgriTrade, 9 provincial trade departments and a large farmer and exporter network in Vietnam.

If this e-portal operation is successful during the a pilot period, approximately 500 poor farmers in the 9 selected provinces will improve their business and trading knowledge thereby saving cost from working through a third party as is the common and traditional way. The farmers will be trained in how to access the e-portal, directly promote their products and deal with customers through the e-portal. By the year 2012 the partners expect to help farmers to promote thousands of products in 50-100 online stores set-up on the portal.

For more information on this project and the IPD programme, please contact Le Thanh Loan at [email protected]

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