Mentally Ill Swede Running Riot in Pattaya

At approximately 8:00pm on Wednesday, police Major Ruengyot Sonphaphon (Pattaya Police Investigator) was notified by a security guard at the Chateaudale Condominium complex in Jomtien that a foreign man was running around the car park brandishing an automatic pistol. Allegedly the man had already slashed all four tyres on a silver Honda which had been parked in front of his first floor room. A team of police from the nearby Jomtien Police Station were dispatched to the scene to investigate, writes PDN.

Arriving at the Chateaudale Condominium complex, police observed a foreign man, now known to be Mr. Jan Ogeborg, 47, madly shouting and walking around the condominiums carpark. Upon noticing the officers, Mr. Ogeborg immediately ran back into his room, where he locked himself in until a friend managed to coerce him out after almost one hour of negotiations.

Police were informed by hotel security that Mr. Ogeborg had been living at the residence for several years and was known to be suffering from some form of neurological disorder. Reportedly, Mr. Ogeborg often referred to himself as a former Swedish police officer and member of the Pattaya Tourist Police.

Officers negotiating with Mr. Ogeborg in an attempt to get him to come out from his room noticed that he had installed a private CCTV system to monitor the front of his room and had placed several specialist Thai police divisional stickers on his front door.

On the evening in question, security observed Mr. Ogeborg in an enraged state, shouting to find the owner of a silver Honda which had parked in front of his ground floor apartment. Mr. Ogeborg allegedly dressed in a bulletproof vest and brandishing a 9mm pistol then proceeded to slash the vehicles tyres before police arrived. The vehicle is now known to belong to an Iranian man who had been renting the room above on the parking space on the complexes second floor.

Upon Mr. Ogeborg’s acceptance to come out of his room, police were refused entry to search the ground floor condo whilst Mr. Ogeborg insisted on doing any interrogations in front of witnesses at the condominium complexes lobby. Mr. Ogeborg and the Iranian owner of the damaged vehicle reached a compensation agreement which meant no charges were formerly laid. Mr. Ogeborg allegedly denied any knowledge of being the owner of an automatic pistol stating that he had only shouted and slashed the vehicles tyres but had not been wearing a bulletproof vest of brandishing a pistol.

Later investigations with Mr. Ogeborg’s friend revealed that he was in fact a former Tourist Police volunteer and had formerly been arrested by Pattaya police for driving in an erratic manner around the Pratamnak area in a marked Tourist Police pickup with the sirens blaring. That previous incident happened on the 23rd of December 2009 ( His friend revealed to police that Mr. Ogeborg was suffering from a neurological disorder which caused him to often act in a ‘crazy’ paranoid manner.

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