Moomin: 65 Years of Adventure, Now in China

Swedish-speaking Finnish artist and author Tove Jansson’s first book about the beloved Moomin characters appeared 65 years ago. The Moomin adventures have also made it on stage in Shanghai as Svenska Teatern and the Chinese have collaborated to bring “Moominpappa at Sea” to the Shanghai Grand Theatre.

The Moomin books have also been translated into Chinese.

This year Science Publishing House of China has published three Chinese Moomin books.
Moominpappa at Sea is the first Finnish-Chinese co-production in China aimed at childern. It is directed by Anneli Mäkelä and co-produced by Shanghai East Children’s Art Group and Svenska Teatern.

The play is also part of the Finland Day culture programme at the Shanghai World Expo on 27th May.

One of the main themes at the World Expo is the mixture of cultures in cities, and Finland’s central goal is to increase the Sino-Finnish cultural collaboration. Moominpappa at Sea is targeted at Chinese families with children.

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