Back to Normal – Pattaya Curfew Cancelled

At 7 PM on Friday Night the news broke that the curfew has officially been lifted in Pattaya, writes PattayaOne.

This follows a meeting held at Pattaya City Hall earlier on Friday where a number of business owners pleaded to the Pattaya Mayor to get the curfew lifted which they felt was uneccesary as there was no intelligence suggesting that any riots or other disturbances would take place here in Pattaya.

Upon consultation with Police Leutenant General Asawin, the Region 2 Police Commander, the curfew in Pattaya was lifted, although it remains in force in other areas around Chonburi Province which remains under a State of Emergency.

Whether, at this late hour, staff can be recalled to ensure that shops and entertainment venues can be opened on Friday Night is yet to be seen.

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