Two Year Old Nicotine Addict Now in Therapy

Having smoked his first cigarette at just eight months old, two year old Ardi Rizak has already been an addict for more than half of his short life. It was his father who introduced him to smoking and it just escalated from there. As the world watched the footage of the baby smoking like an adult, the parents said to reporters that he would throw tantrums if they did not give him the cigarettes when he asked for them.

After just six months, the toddler had turned into a hard core addict and smoked about 40 cigarettes per day.

The social authorities in Indonesia were called in and the little boy is now in play therapy, which until now seems to have been a success. Through play, trained personnel have distracted Ardi Rizak enough to make him forget about his nicotine cravings and this has reduced his daily consumption of cigarettes from 40 to 15.

Watch the two year old chain smoker before he cut back on the nicotine here:

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