Get a Taxi Ride in Shanghai and Learn About Finland

“Finland has gained much bigger visibility in Shanghai than its geographic size would entitle it to”, was the common notion among the Finnish business and political elite gathered in Shanghai for the opening of the Expo.

The comment really hits a chord, because not only does Finland manage to impress with its pavilion in the Expo park, but this small northern country is also enjoying some additional exposure in the city’s countless taxis through its own promotional video series called The Daily Ape Show. In addition, Finland is featured in other Expo-related videos playing on monitors strapped to the back of the front seats in the vehicles. All this attention shows that the Finnish Expo team has every reason to ruffle their feathers!

Probably every Expo-goer anticipates with fear and curiosity what his or her own country has come up with for the Expo. A Finnish visitor to the World Fair doesn’t have to wait for the answer very long because Finland’s pavilion is visible from practically every corner of the Expo site. The huge, white bowl-shaped structure named Kirnu, translated as Churn or Giant’s Kettle, towers over the European area, and because of its impressive height and girth, it can hardly go unnoticed. However, its size isn’t the only thing catching people’s attention — its flowing shape and bright, white color make it a positive exception among the motley bunch of pavilions.

Watch the first episode of The Daily Ape Show

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