Indonesia World Leader in Finnish Environment Online

A Finnish elementary school teacher Mika Vanhanen established the ENO (environment online) internet school in 2000 in the Eno municipality of Eastern Finland. Recently, the global school celebrated its international tree planting day worldwide.

 ENO- Environment online is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development and environmental awareness. The online learning material is directed to students aged 12-18 years. The most visible activity of the online school is tree planting, but other themes include for example ecological footprint and waste reduction.

 During Mika Vanhanen’s visit to South-East Asia in March 2010, hundreds of schools in Indonesia joined the network. The most active district in Indonesia is Deli Serdang in Northern Sumatra with 1380 ENO schools. In the whole world, there are about 6000 ENO schools in 150 different countries, and out of those, 3651 are in Indonesia.

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