New STYLE:NORDIC Opened Doors in Singapore

Saturday 12 June 2010 was a great day for Victoria Karlsson, and one she had been looking forward to for a long time. After taking over STYLE:NORDIC from its previous owner last year, after six months of hard work, the dream of opening a second outlet here in Singapore finally came true.

“I am so excited about this. All these months of hard work have turned into this and even though we have had to rush things a little bit lately, I really love the result,” says Victoria Karlsson in her orange STYLE:NORDIC t-shit and with a big smile on her face. A day like this calls for special celebration, and that is why she, her husband, and the STYLE:NORDIC staff have invited everyone they know, customers, and people who just happen to pass by inside for a little bubbly or a glass of juice.

There is an undeniable Scandinavian feel to the new store and it is obvious to just about anyone why it is called STYLE:NORDIC. With straight, symmetrical lines all in white, only interrupted by the occasional orange dot, the interior design screams Northern Europe – a big difference from the previous shop which was a designer watch boutique so exclusive that its windows were covered with black fabric at all times. It is definitely worth a visit for anyone with a soft spot for high quality, designer brands and designs that stand out from the rest.

And it seems that quite a few people have a spot like that. As guests and customers enjoy their drinks and browse through the merchandise, they come across familiar names and brands such as MariMekko, Tiger of Sweden, Junk DeLuxe, and Iitalia. The new shop is devoted to exclusive designs and carries both new and old Scandinavian classics. One thing is for sure, though. Everything comes from the trendiest, hottest designers that rule the Scandinavian scene of style at the moment. Most of them are, however, Swedish and Finnish, although a Danish brand can be spotted once in a while too.

STYLE:NORDIC is for everyone who is looking for an alternative to the fashion which is found here in Asia, and according to Victoria Karlsson the new store is absolutely unique.

“My crew and I have designed everything ourselves,” she says and adds that the uniqueness is part of what makes the experience of being in the new shop that much more special.

The new store is located right by the main entrance at Delfi Orchard shopping centre on Orchard Road, and it is literally impossible to miss. Fans of the old shop have no reason to worry. The old store on Ann Siang Road is still there, and in the future it will mostly carry furniture and household stuff by those exclusive Scandinavian labels that are almost impossible to find anywhere else in the region.    

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