Finnish Expo Pavilion Kirnu Hosted a Successful Alumni Meeting

Finnish higher education institutions and CIMO (Centre for International Mobility) organised recently a very successful meeting in Kirnu for Chinese students who once have studied in Finnish higher education institution. The meeting gathered over 200 alumni.

The programme offered was quite versatile ranging from music performed with bass and accordion all the way to the memory lane where very honorable Chinese guests revealed their memories of  the time they were students in Finland. Among these speakers was e.g. Mrs. Ma Keqing who is the past ambassador of Peoples Republic China in Finland. Many Finns remember her well for her excellent skills in Finnish language. Also Mr. Luo Fuhe of the Chinese Parliament participated in the event. Both have been students in University of Helsinki in mid 70’s. and 80’s.

Mrs. Heljä Misukka State Secretary from the Ministry of Education and Culture Finland led the audience to the developments and challenges of Finnish higher education today. The alumni were also encouraged to participate in a competition “This is My Finland” by sending photos or videos.

Many of the alumni gathered in Kirnu had very positive memories of their study periods in Finland and many of them still have good links and contacts to Finland. Amassador Lars Backström stressed the role of alumnis as Finland’s “ambassadors” and promised that similar events will be arranged annually.

“Networks like this are extremely important for Finland as far as cooperation in education and research or business life is concerned. and we are happy in CIMO to be able to support this kind of networking” says Mr. Pasi Sahlberg director general of CIMO.

CIMO and Finnish higher education institutions continue their activities in China and in Expo in the autumn. There will be a two day seminar “Sharing Inspiration in Higher Education” based on the Finnish expo theme. During the seminar participants from Chinese and Finnish higher education  institutions will explore possibilities in educational cooperation in the fields of competence, environment and well being.

In addition to the seminar the Finnish higher education institution will participate in important students fairs both in Beijing and Shanghai.


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