Vietnamese in Custody after Attacking Nurses with Rock

On Monday 21 June, two psychiatric patients were taken into custody for four weeks after they repeatedly beat two female employees at Frederiksberg Hospital in the head with heavy paving stones.

The patients, a middle aged married couple from Vietnam, attacked the two women several times. One of the victims had her skull broken in after which the couple moved on to her colleague.

According to the police, the second nurse was held down by the man while his wife threw the rock at her head twice. Then they started hitting her – still with the paving stone as a weapon.

After the crime, the mad couple was supposed to be placed in a mental institution, but because there is currently no space for more patients, on Monday, they were temporarily placed in a regular prison.

Attacked the Chinese embassy
Sources confirm to the Danish news agency Ritzau that the two Vietnamese are the same people who were taken into custody at a psychiatric ward after harassing the Chinese embassy in Copenhagen for years.

The couple repeatedly forced entry at the embassy premises because they wanted to become Chinese citizens. Before the arrest, the couple had never acted violently. They just jumped over the wall to gain access to the embassy in Hellerup.

The prosecutor, Birgitte Bundgaard, at the North Zealand Police said during the trial in April that the couple has been in custody in previous cases as well. The two Vietnamese seem to refuse to understand that they are not eligible for Chinese citizenship. 

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