Carlsberg India Launch Tuborg Strong

Adding to the spirits of the beer industry at large, Carlsberg India has now launched Tuborg Strong – a premium quality beer prepared using best quality malt, adjuncts and hops. The Carlsberg Group known for brewing mild beer globally, made a landmark change by introducing Tuborg Strong in keeping with the demands of the Indian market. In India, the strong beer segment continues to dominate beer consumption with a formidable 76% market share.

In a competitive landscape, where the strong beer segment is growing consistently at 21.4% (YTD June comparison with LY) the launch of Tuborg Strong – a premium quality strong beer provides a variety of choices for the consumers and augments better growth for the industry, the customers and consumers. The beer market in India has grown at 10% in the last three years and is forecasted to grow at 10.5% CAGR while the strong beer category will constitute 11-12% CAGR of this. Traditionally Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Delhi, Rajasthan, Orissa and Haryana have been the dominant states for strong beer consumption.

In the current market scenario witnessing positive trends, Tuborg Strong is aimed at becoming a preferred choice for all strong beer drinkers. Music and fun are the core brand elements of the Tuborg brand which extend to Tuborg Strong as well. A beer with a personality, Tuborg Strong is targeted primarily towards men in the age group of 25+.

Says Devapriya Khanna, Director Marketing, Carlsberg India: “With Tuborg Strong we have created a new category within the strong beer market in India. The premium beer segment in India is evolving and we expect to invigorate the momentum by introducing innovative offerings like Tuborg Strong. The added attraction of pull off cap – that has been extended to this new offering – reinforces brand synergies and our commitment to innovate at every step. Tuborg Strong promises to bring a superior quality experience for the consumer.”

The brand identity of this ‘strong’ brand from Carlsberg’s stable stands apart with golden brown as the main color supported by bubbles and 3G background on pack. The identity is well crafted to express full-bodied authentic beer taste and refreshment. Out of pack, gold becomes the main color supported by 3G background. The golden color from the background connotes a rich, stylish and royal feel to the product.

In a market inclined towards innovative packaging options furthering convenience and image, Tuborg Strong cuts through the clutter with the popular and unique feature – the Pull Off Cap – that has been tested successfully with Tuborg Green and widely appreciated by the consumers. The ‘Pull Off Cap’ provides ease of usage and lends the consumers the freedom to enjoy their drink without having to look for a bottle opener. The differentiated packaging invigorates the consumers and reaffirms their pride in consuming a superior quality premium beer.

Tuborg Strong is available in three packaging sizes of 330 ml, 500 ml can and 650 ml and is being brewed out of Carlsberg’s Paonta Sahib, Alwar, Aurangabad and Kolkata breweries.


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