First ‘Sex Museum’ in Thailand

The National Science Museum (NSM) joins forces with the UNESCO in Bangkok and the Thai health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) to launch the first ‘Sex Museum’ in Asian region as another preventive channel of adolescent pregnancy problem.

NSM Director Pichai Sonchaeng cited the Sex Museum was founded with the aim to raise awareness about sexual well-being among youth through this kind of informal learning approach. According to the Bureau of Registration Administration under the Interior Ministry, children and youth have got premature pregnancy with the average figure found at 262 persons per day.

The problem mostly derives from the lack of knowledge of parents to explain to their children, while those kids also prefer to seek the advice from their friends to parents and they may get misleading information. Incorrect knowledge of birth control methods is another cause of the problem.

The Museum will be the learning center for youths and parents featuring six educational zones include introduction zone, love & lust zone in which the content is linked to science, human relations and communications, sexual relations, birth giving & birth control, sexual transmitted diseases and alternative zone for individual sexual well-being.

The Director of UNESCO in Bangkok stated that statistics in 2008 made by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDs (UNAIDS) found 40% of youth at 15-24 of age still lacked knowledge and comprehension on HIV which led to the higher number of adolescent pregnancy including violence against women in the society. These information prove that the new creative and attractive presentation forms in sex education are required to raise the youth’s awareness.


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