Sino – Danish Wind Programme Finalised

After four years of close cooperation the Sino-Danish Wind Energy Development Programme (WED) was finalised at a closing ceremony in Beijing on Wednesday.

The project has been focusing on ways to effectively exploit wind energy resources in China at national level as well as provincial level in Hei Long Jiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces.

“The WED Programme shows how successful cooperating can lead to something as important as fighting climate change. Since China has the world’s biggest market and Denmark is a country with significant experience within wind energy technology the project has been mutual beneficial,” said Mr. Søren Jacobsen, Acting Ambassador to the Danish Embassy.

Wind resource assessment, training and education, wind energy planning and post construction evaluation of wind farms has all been a part of the project.

“Denmark has accumulated years of experience in the wind energy sector. We want to learn from experience and best practice,” said Mr. Shi Lishan, Deputy Director of the New and Renewable Energy Department of the National Energy Administration.

In the opening speech at the ceremony Mr. Shi Lishan highlighted how the programme has helped create a better connection between wind farms and the national electricity grid. An important achievement which will help utilise the great potential for wind energy in China. Furthermore, he encouraged Danish companies to increase their participation and investments in the sector.

Over the last five years the installed capacity of wind power in China has doubled every year.

“The rapid development of the Chinese wind energy sector is a great challenge to China and calls for international cooperation. It is my hope that the WED Programme will help China achieve a low carbon economy,” Mr. Søren Jacobsen said.


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