Khao Yai Long Weekend on Wheels

Text by Henrik Friis
Photos by Bent, Bjorn and Claus

The Viking Wheelers have just returned from their yearly Khao Yai trip, this annual event is normally held during the long weekend in connection with her Majesty the Queen of Thailand birthday, and again this year the Vikings meet at their usual Khao Yai refuge the Eco Valley resort and the owners Mads and Morten had arranged the trips and entertainment for the weekend. Most Vikings arrived on Thursday, although traffic was bad everyone was in a good mood at arrival and dinner was enjoyed together at the restaurant until late evening.

See the nice photos here:

Fridays ride app. 50 km started at around 9.00 AM in the morning, the new Viking Willy was ready at 8.30 as he had heard that the Vikings normally left someone behind. At 9.00 hrs sharp 10 Vikings rolled out of the resort and through the back of the valley, very soon it became obvious that there was a conspiracy against the President, someone had tampered with his cycle computer. and at some twist and turns him and his son was left behind. With only the Khao Yai minivan and a new driver – who was not sure which was North and South – the President and first-son got on a detour of app. 4 km, before Mads got second thoughts and got them guided on the right way. All Viking rejoined at the first pit stop after app. 19 km, also known as the Aussie Pit as it was here the Vikings discovered that Alan was missing last year, after 1st Pit stop the Vikings agreed, that it was most honorable to stick together and they continued for another 16 km around the beautiful Bonanza Valley before taking the killer hill up to the Bonanza Golf Club. The Viking settled down on the terrace overlooking the golf course and valley and while the two kids, Bent and Simon played around K. Na ordered a low carb Thai Lunch which everyone enjoyed together with the beautiful view. After lunch everyone embarked on the remaining 16 km back to the Eco Valley resort for afternoon refreshments and watched the Viking Whistlers road crew set the stage for Saturdays concert. The evening was ended with a joint dinner where Morten showed off his barbecue skills, and it was agreed that although he couldn’t match the Aussie chef from last year, the job was well done and steaks was enjoyed.

Saturday ride was planned to be app. 40 km, there was some problems getting started as Morten apparently got lost between his house and the restaurant. When the group was ready to roll it was down to 8 Vikings and 2 dogs as Claus Birk had returned to Pattaya, Bjorn reported sick, Mads son Sergey took a break, but Claus Boman joined in and was first from start. The first 13 km to first pit stop went without big problems although speed was quite slow. From 1st pit stop to 2nd pit stop the organizers had put several obstacles in the way, the Vikings managed to take all the high hills but when they ran into a herd of local cows, things started to go bad as the cows didn’t like the red shirts that much. Especially when Bent showed up around the corner, the cows panicked and started a stampede and almost ran over 6 Vikings on the way. Morten became the hero of the day as he managed to get in front of the herd, and with his Khao Yai cowboy skills managed to get the herd around and with help of Bent and Henrik big bodies as road block the cows was guided in the right direction and the Vikings could continue on the route to 2nd pit stop. From 2nd pit stop to home of Eco Valley the road was in the favor of the Vikings as most was downhill and all Viking followed Mads on the long route to achieve 40 km, although Morten advertised for a short cut.

The afternoon was spend with relaxation and sightseeing in Khao Yai area, before the big Vikings got them self ready for evening dinner and the long awaited concert in the evening by Viking Whistlers, consisting of Bent and Mads who had decided to make a comeback concert in the evening.

Plans are in progress for next year and the Viking will look forward to be there again next year.

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