Increasing interest in Denmark from Chinese businesses

Banks and lawyers are experiencing an increasing interest from Chinese businesses who wish to enter the Danish market.

Before long the Chinese will acquire a large Danish company if one is to believe the assessment from banks and lawyers who every week are contacted by Chinese companies that wish to gain foothold in the Danish market, says The Jutland Post.

“At the moment we are experiencing an increase in interest and we are contacted several times a week by our colleagues in the Chinese bank ICBC about Chinese companies’ interest in investing in Danish companies,” says Mikael Ericson, chief of Capital Markets in Danske Bank.

Therefor he is positive that before long there will be a large Chinese acquisition..

“I expect that there will be a transaction of a considerable size this year,” said Mikael Ericson.

The message is the same from law firm Bech Bruun, which has opened an office in China to keep up with the demands.

“So far we have only seen small investments, but I hope that there will be a few billion kroner transactions said Monica Reib, partner of Bech-Bruun.

The Chinese government wants to increase focus on green technology over the next five years, which explains the interest in Denmark.


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