Part of Vestas Blade Breaks Off

A six to seven metre portion came off the blade in the incident in Lem, Western Jutland, a Vestas spokesman says. He adds that the company is investigating the cause of the incident.

“We don’t see this as a design fault,” he says. “This is a prototype, so it is meant to be tested and bent and broken.” But Vestas shares fell on the Copenhagen stock market as the news emerged.

Vestas recently won an order for the V112 for the 420 MW Macarthur wind farm, the largest wind project in Australia and the turbine is also due to be delivered to Portuguese wind power giant EDPR as part of the massive framework agreement signed earlier this year.

“This does not affect our commercial plans,” says the spokesman. “We start delivering the V112 to customers some time in 2011 so there is plenty of time to make adjustments.”

Separately, Vestas has also received an official reprimand from the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen exchange, for not disclosing news of the massive 570MW order of turbines for the Terra-Gen project in California.

The exchange says that Vestas should have reacted and published an announcement saying that negotiations were ongoing when it was clear that there were rumours in the market saying that it was close to receiving the order, instead of waiting several more days to publish the news that the contract had been signed.

Vestas says it “takes note” of the reprimand. “NASDAQ OMX Surveillance Copenhagen has in its decision emphasised that the stock exchange basically has no remarks to Vestas’ policy about only announcing firm and unconditional orders.

“However, as a consequence of the reprimand, Vestas will in future on a case to case basis evaluate if it is necessary according to the rules in force to disclose a company announcement prior to the normal time for publication, in case of tangible rumours in the market.”


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