Danish-Vietnamese Union Invited to Hanoi

Danish-Vietnamese Union was the only Western European friendship organization represented at the festivities when the 65 anniversary of Vietnam’s independence were celebrated in Hanoi.

In total, around 55 people were invited by VUFO (Vietnamese Union of Friendship Organization). The majority consisted of delegations from China, Laos, Cambodia and Russia.

An exciting program had been created for the participants who visited Ho Chi Minh’s former headquarters around 100 km north of Hanoi in Thai Nguyen province. Also HCM mausoleum and – museum, Halong Bay and other cultural events were visited.

”The greatest experience was when we attended a large-scale celebration party in Hanoi’s giant convention center. The show consisted of a show with dancers and singers and much more and speeches from President Nguyen Minh Triet and others,” says Ole Riis.

The whole show were broadcasted live on Vietnamese TV.

Ole Riis and the rest of the delegation also got to meet President Nguyen Minh Triet in person in the presidential palace.

”WeI handed him a DVD with the work of our organisation through the years,” Ole Riis says.

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