DWN’s Night Out

Through the loud music, talk and laughter sounded a high whistle from Helle, signalling the beggining of the bowling session. Three lanes, 12 women, of which many had to admit that it had been 10-15 years since they last had their fingers in a bowling ball. Despite that fact the concentration was at an all time high. Still it seemed, though, that the pins much defiantly kept standing on their feet.

When the last ball had been thrown, winners from each lane were awarded. Karin, Kirsten and Maiken were victorious.

The evening continued for all bowling participants with broken thumb and index finger nails – a clear sign that everyone had actively participated – at the Greyhound restaurant on Thonglor.

At the restaurant additional five women joined the company.

Danish Women’s Network thanks all for a cozy and festive evening in the city.

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