Danish Man Busted In Narko Raids

A Danish national on Wednesday was arrested in possession of a significant quantity of the class-1 restricted drug Ya-Ba and a small quantity of another illicit narcotic at his Country Club Village home in Pattaya.

 At approximately 11:00pm on Wednesday, Lieutenant Colonel Sukthat Phumpunmuang (Chon-Buri Gendarme Police Deputy Superintendent) and a team of undercover officers instigated a raid on house no. 20/150 in Country Club Village, Banglamung.

The raid was conducted after officers received information that a foreign man was using the premises as a base to solicit drug dealing operations. According to officers at the scene, a Mr. Chakrit Houngtung was recently arrested in possession of five tablets of the illegal narcotic Ya-Ba. While under interrogation, Mr. Houngtung gave up his supplier as a foreign man known as Mr. JD operating out of the aforementioned premises.

In Wednesday’s operations officers raided the house, arresting a Danish national, Mr. Noah Tais Munk [30] (AKA, Mr. JD), and confiscating some 100 pills of the class-1 restricted narcotic Ya-Ba and a small quantity, 2 grams, of Ya-Ice (crystal methamphetamine).

According to police reports, the narcotics were stored in a safe deposit box at the premises while a urine test conducted on Mr. Munk returned positive for Ya-Ba consumption.

Under brief interrogation at the scene, officers found that Mr. Munk was reasonably adept at speaking Thai and that he had been living in Pattaya for a considerable time. Mr. Munk confessed to having been involved in drug dealing and that another Thai man known only as Mr. Aod had supplied him with the narcotics.

Following the completion of investigations, Lt. Col. Phumpunmuang transferred the offender and the confiscated evidence into the hands of Lieutenant Colonel Koonawut Meteepittinun (Banglamung Police Investigator) for further interrogation. 

Officers will now investigate the identity and whereabouts of Mr. Aod, who is suspected to be a major drug dealer in the Pattaya City area. Judicial proceedings will continue against Mr. Munk in accordance with procedure.


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