Neo-Nazi Turned Into Perfect Business Partner

By Pimjai C. Mongkol, Søren Lykke Bülow, Bjarne Wildau and Thomas Lykke Pedersen

A former business partner, who knew Johan for all of his 15 years spent in Bangkok, discovered the hidden past of Johan Winlöf only a few month ago. For more than 14 years he never suspected anything.

”With Johan it was always good value for money. If you did business with him, you always got what you expected. As to his Nazi past, I never got any indications pointing in that direction,” says the former business partner.
All sources to whom ScandAsia has talked to, corroborates that statement. Johan Winlöf was a optimistic, calm and intelligent guy always working very seriously no matter what project he was attached to.

And Johan truly was involved in a vast number of different activities through the Bangkok years. But had his past been known, the projects may not have been so numerous.   

”Had I known back then what I know today, I would never have involved myself in any kind of cooperation with him, that’s for sure,” says a former colleague of Johan Winlöf, adding:

”I’ve known the guy for many years and then suddenly six month ago something like this turns up. It’s not okay to lie to and deceive friends, business partners or others, but it’s understandable. It’s not exactly a past that one would want to brag about,” he says.

The only thing that could have indicated Johan’s Neo-Nazi past was a Swedish flag tattooed on his biceps.

“I saw the flag on several occasions but I never associated it with Nazis. I thought it was an interesting choice but now it makes sense, I guess,” says the long time acquainted.    

According to the former colleague, several people from the Swedish community, who also knew the truth about Johan’s past, are in complete denial. Even though the evidence is there.

”Some people just don’t want to believe it. Even though there is no doubt what so ever. I’ve seen him on the internet in his Nazi uniform giving speeches,” the source says.

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