Fulfilling Mission: Fulfilling Potential

By September next year construction will finally be completed the Bangkok Patana School Masterplan, a 10-year project to fully equip the school in order to provide the very best in 21st Century education.

It is remarkable to note that none of these building projects are intended to increase the number of students at Bangkok Patana School; the number will remain fixed at around 2,200. However, with the completion of the Masterplan, those students will have access to one of the best educational environments anywhere in the region.

While most eyes have been focused on the eye-catching new Arts Centre, may other projects were completed over the summer holidays. Among other things the Admissions Office was renovated and enlarged to improve the interview assessment areas for new students and parents, the Secondary Canteen completely refurbished and extended, and the Head of School’s office moved in to the elegant Thai Sala by the entrance to the school.

The next stage of building has now begun: the Auditorium and the former Music and Drama areas are being converted in to a brand new Secondary Library, Cross-Campus Staffroom and Cross-Campus counsellors’ offices, which should all be completed by March, while the current Library will become the Secondary Offices.

A new floor is being put on top of the Administration Block, which will house a new Exam Hall. The existing Exam Hall will be converted in to new Humanities classrooms. Work will also soon begin on the new building for Years 5 and 6, which will be finished in April 2011.

The final phase of construction will start in February and continue through to September 2011. The area currently occupied by the Primary Modern Foreign Languages and Thai departments will become home to Primary Learning Support, and will also be partially converted to changing rooms. Primary Modern Foreign Languages, together with the Primary Art and the Design and Technology Departments, will move in to the current Year 5 and 6 building.

The final building work, which will take place next summer after the end of Term 3, will see the ground floor of the Secondary block cleared to make way for an ‘interchange space’ where students can meet during break times.

While all this work will inevitably lead to some disruption in the school during the next year, staff, students and parents all know that this will be a small price to pay for these exciting new developments. While Bangkok Patana School is already acknowledged as one of the finest international school’s in Asia, the completion of the Masterplan will assist even further in satisfying the school’s mission statement “to ensure that students of different nationalities grow to their full potential as independent learners in a caring British international community.”

If you’d be interested in learning more about the Bangkok Patana School or the Bangkok Patana School Masterplan, or would like to take a tour of this exceptional international school please contact Emma Goligher, Marketing and Development Manager (email: [email protected] or tel. + 66 (0) 2389 0200 ext 326.

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