Norwegian Victim of Transsexual Necklace Theft

A Norwegian Tourist was caught up in a necklace snatch in South Pattaya, early on Friday Morning.

The incident began on the Pratamnuk Road in front of Soi 15. Mr. Tron Gunnar Engberg aged 57 was walking home and had been drinking heavily throughout the night. He was approached by a transsexual, Khun Somsak aged 29, who proceeded to snatch Mr. Engberg’s 10.5g gold necklace, worth around 10,000 Baht, from around his neck.

The suspect ran off with the victim in hot pursuit. Police Volunteers were nearby who summoned Pattaya Police Officers to the area who eventually arrested the suspect inside Soi 17, further up the Pratamnuk Road.

At the Police Station, the suspect claimed he needed money to pay for his rent and claimed this was the first time he had committed such a crime. Khun Somsak is now behind bars awaiting a court appearance to answer charges of aggravated theft. The undamaged necklace was returned to Mr. Engberg who thanked Pattaya Police for their assistance.

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