Carlsberg Takes Majority Stake in Nepalese Brewery

Carlsberg and Khetan Group have agreed for a restructuring of shareholding of Gorkha Brewery that will result in Carlsberg owning a majority stake in the company. Carlsberg Group has been a shareholder of Gorkha Brewery from the beginning and has steadily increased its commitment to the business, said Gorkha Brewery. “This new structuring means Carlsberg is fully committed to the Nepali beverage market.”

It will also help Gorkha Brewery expand in other beverage categories apart from beer, according to the company. Carlsberg has gradually increased it’s ownership in Gorkha Brewery in the recent 15 years, while always securing close alignment between Carlsberg and Khetan Group regarding the high ambitions for Gorkha Brewery.

Gorkha Brewery also won the ‘Company of the Year’ award 2010 from Carlsberg Group as it is one of our best performing businesses in the entire Carlsberg Group.

“From Carlsberg we are eager to further develop the Gorkha business, it’s people and it’s strong portfolio of brands, while at the same time having the opportunity to share with our other Asian businesses the best practices developed in Gorkha,” said Roy Bagattini, SVP Carlsberg Asia. “We are committed to continue our close ties and co-operation with Carlsberg in order to further expand the Gorkha Brewery and it’s business,” Rajendra Khetan, chairman of the Khetan Group said.

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