Winlöf Case: Police Investigation Turned Down

On September 8, Johan Winlöf was stabbed to death by his wife, Ornanong Winlöf, in their apartment in Ekamai Soi 30. At the Swedish embassy in Bangkok the death of Johan Winlöf has been closely monitored, and Senior Counsellor Officer, Pär Kågeby, expresses somewhat of relief that the case will not go to court at this point.   

“The Thai police have seen this as self-defence all along. And nothing else. But it’s been obvious to anyone that there was more to it, and I think it’s very positive that the prosecution office has asked of the police to get to the bottom of this sad matter,” he says.    

The thing that has caused the most astonishment in the months since the death of Johan Winlöf, is the fact that the surveillance tape from the tragic night, recorded by a CCTV camera at the apartment complex where the Winlöfs lived, has never been included in the investigation.

“Apparently the tape is broken, and so far the police have denied the possibility of getting it fixed. Now that the case is reopened we need the surveillance evidence to reach a more whole picture of what happened that night,” Pär Kågeby says.     

When a Swede dies and the circumstances are not clear it is not something that is taken lightly at the embassy. Thus, the pressure on the Thai police has been quite vast, the Senior Counsellor Officer explains.

“The Swedish Embassy has contacted the highest police authority in Thailand and at the same time Swedish police has enquired of the Interpol branch in Thailand that investigation is done properly and thoroughly,” he says.

Something that may have been contributing to the prosecution office deciding that the case is not court ready just yet.

Pär Kågeby foresees that the investigation will go on for about one month and ensures that the embassy continuously will do their utmost in seeing to that justice will be done.

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